The Municipality of Prozor-Rama has invested five million BAM in the Eco Park project

The Municipality of Prozor-Rama, in cooperation with the Public Utility Company “Vodograd”, is investing five million BAM in the Eco Park within which a sorting plant has been built, and it will soon start operating.

“In the final phase we are building a sorting plant with a capacity of 3 t/h where eight types of waste will be selected, and the remaining organic waste will be disposed of separately. Along with the sorting plant, the construction of a composting plant is planned this year, where part of the waste will be ground and turned into compost with a special technological treatment”, said the mayor of Prozor-Rama, Jozo Ivančević.

A wastewater collector will be built at the same location, it was announced on the website of the Municipality of Prozor-Rama.

According to the mayor, three million BAM have been invested in the project so far, and another two million will be invested this year.

Upon completion of the construction of the sorting plant and composting plant, conditions will be created for the rehabilitation of the Duška kosa landfill, which has been in use for 50 years and which does not meet the requirements of sanitary landfills.