Translocal cooperation: Citizens of Kladanj around the world – connected to each other and to their hometown

The Kladanj diaspora was mostly formed by war emigrants in the period 1992-95, but the trend of emigration to a lesser extent has continued to this day. Dr. Aida Ibričević is a researcher and consultant in the field of migration and diaspora studies. She lives and works in Sarajevo, and is an external collaborator with the Migration […]

Sitting behind the glass and facing the past

RATKO MLADIĆ’S TRIAL IS FINALLY OVER, BUT BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA STILL HAS OPEN WOUNDS. Almost 26 years after being indicted for the first time by the International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague, Ratko Mladić has had his life sentence confirmed.  On Tuesday (June 8), the Appeals Chamber of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunal[…]

Radnički univerzitet (Tuzla) platform – synergies of social activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Radnički univerzitet is a program platform institutionally supported by the Association “Front slobode” Tuzla, through which activists, academic citizens, educational and cultural workers, workers in the economy and the public sector, students and artists together develop tools and strategies needed to demand socio-economic justice for the impoverished and marginalized populations, and to persevere in the fight for[…]

BELLSPIRATION CLUB – Sven Curiš, Croatia/Austria: Do what you love, believe in yourself, and strive towards your goals! (Part 4/4)

1) Can you share with us what you have learned from life experience so far, and what you consider very important for a peaceful, happy and successful life? From my life experience, I can tell that you’ll experience a lot of things. Sometimes everything will go excellently in life, sometimes not so much… For that reason, I’d[…]

BELLSPIRATION CLUB – Katherine Meneses, Venezuela/Hungary: Invest time and energy in self-awareness and be honest with yourself! (Part 3/4)

1. Dear Kath, you moved from Venezuela to Hungary, from one continent to another. How difficult was that change for you? How did the process of adapting to the new area go? New language, culture, tradition… Frankly, the change was not difficult. In fact, I was overly excited about it. To me, change is a necessary aspect[…]