BELLSPIRATION CLUB – MIHAIL DIVJAKOSKI: I was 5km out of Trakai, in a wooden house in a forest with around 30 people from other countries (Part 2/4)

For the countless time in the past year and a half during my 6 projects, thank you for everything @erasmusslife 1) Dear Mihail, you have experience with the Erasmus+ youth exchange. Can you explain to us how important it is in general, to travel and share experiences? Erasmus+ as a program offers tons of experiences and methods[…]

BELLSPIRATION CLUB – STEFAN STOJANOVIĆ: I was about 11 years old when I picked up the camera for the first time and experienced ecstasy (Part 2/4)

1) Movies! In a previous interview, you told us you were a screenwriter, a director… When did you enter that world of film? How did it all start and when did you realize that the camera is your love? I entered the world of moving images very early and quite by accident. Although you know what they[…]

BELLSPIRATION CLUB – HELENA ARNAUTOVIĆ: Being an open-minded person is an imperative of today (Part 2/4)

1) Travel! I know about your experience of traveling around Europe – can you share with us which countries you have traveled through? Can you describe what it all looked like and how long the European tour lasted? Which countries or cities you visited impressed you the most? And why? Traveling within the project ‘’Travel around Europe’’[…]