BELLSPIRATION CLUB – HELENA ARNAUTOVIĆ: Being an open-minded person is an imperative of today (Part 2/4)

1) Travel! I know about your experience of traveling around Europe – can you share with us which countries you have traveled through? Can you describe what it all looked like and how long the European tour lasted? Which countries or cities you visited impressed you the most? And why?

Traveling within the project ‘’Travel around Europe’’ included (14 countries): Zagreb, München, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmo, Duisburg, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Breda, Brussel, Gant Sain Peters, Lille, Paris, Orleans, Irun, Medina Cam, Salamanca, Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Barcelona, Valente, Geneva, Milano, Firenze, Piza, Florence, Villach, Ljubljana, Beograd, Bijeljina-> Sarajevo 💜

The trip was planned two weeks before departure, and lasted 23 days. I was most impressed by The Hague and Lisbon. The Hague because of the beautiful greenery and Lisbon because of its picturesqueness.

2) From that experience, can you make a brief comparison of the lifestyle of Western Europe and our Western Balkans, from your perspective, of course?

Hmm, that question would require a comprehensive answer from several aspects, however, I was most impressed by two. The first is reflected in the way of life, high school students. And the other is in the openness to new experiences and opportunities they have.

3) We are witnessing globalization. How important is it to be broad-minded, open-minded, and have the courage to venture into the unknown?

This question actually builds on the answer from the previous one; I think this is an imperative of the present, uncertain, time, supported by the fact that 90% of this trip was planned on the go. Getting out of our comfort zone offers us a whole new experience, new skills and shows us a whole new world. “A mind that opens up to a new idea will never return to its original state.”