Association “Pravi put” – new project ideas during the Corona virus pandemic

Pandemic of the Corona virus and quarantine has not stopped the Association Pravi put from having new ideas and activities.

Including many conceptual projects, from environmental protection, corporate volunteering, visits to children, making mini dinosaur gardens, flower gardens, handicrafts, various items from recycling, (for example making flower pots from used tires, transforming old discarded bicycles in shabby chic decorations, making pallet chairs, tables, benches, and much more). Additionally, the Association implemented another project idea where at the entrance to the Association premises one can see a message which says that anyone can take free flower samples and various types of flowers (several species of cactus, aloe vera, agave, succulent, etc.). Also, the Association managed to make some benches where all visitors can sit down and enjoy the view.

Since the pandemic of the Corona virus has started, the Association opened an Education Center. The Center, which has two additional offices, provides online education on various kinds topics, such as psychological counselling, youth health and workshops on how to find a job in during the Corona virus crisis. Workshops are also being held in several cities in Herzegovina, respecting epidemiological measures and current epidemiological situation. They are organizing webinars on other topics as well, such us making websites in Word Press and similar.

We are all in this global crisis, which is different every day, we are trying to adapt to our daily obligations and lives. However, we have directed our potentials to learn something new, so the pandemic does not occupy us both mentally and physically, and that by our example we give others ideas to work and learn from their environment, whether it is rural or urban.

Until today, we have organized many cleaning actions, and called for volunteers using various media channels, who through their contribution will not only work, but learn, socialize, network, gain new opportunities. Of course, the Association will fulfill its obligations to each volunteer under the Law on Volunteering. Unfortunately, we did not find people willing to volunteer, so we contacted our foreign colleagues from Austria, Switzerland, and volunteers worked with us 15 days. This is a clear example of difference between young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and young people from other countries.

Regarding the projects for children, the Association is implementing a project where we are making models, world of the dinosaurs, Indian village, former life of our ancestors. The models will be placed in two rooms and above each model will be a short description about the object, what it was used for, etc. The Association will also use the models as an example to young people and children to make something from old objects or to implement some other creative ideas and will be able to show their creative abilities.

If this pandemic continues, we are aware that a lot of people will stay in their homes, with reduced social contacts. We would like to invite everyone to contact us, visit us, see what we do, what are our plans, get involved, improve your skills, or learn something new.

This pandemic has taught us that we obviously have to learn from the environment and improve new skills in the directions that are coming in the future.

It will be our pleasure if you decide to be part of our projects, contact us via email: