BELLSPIRATION CLUB – IVANA ŠĆEPANOVIĆ: Things that I’ve learned and that I think are important (Part 4/4)

1) Can you share with us what you have learned from your life experience so far, and what you consider very important for a peaceful, happy and successful life?

Things I’ve learned that I think are important:

1. Love is everything. Live love and do everything out of love. Everything that is not love, leave immediately, and do not give your time to anything that does not smell like love. Life is so short that you don’t have time to spend energy and hours on a job you don’t like, people who are (un)love…

2. Love yourself the most in the world and talk to yourself and inspire yourself and rise because you will often be the only one who will believe in yourself and be able to rise while you have fallen a million times.

3. Do not judge anything that you have not survived or walked that path. Everyone is trying in their own way to cope with this noisy commotion of life.

4. Be grateful for everything you are, who you are, and what you have. For every part of your imperfect body, for every heartbeat, and for all the people in your life… Be grateful and take pictures with your heart.

5. Be proud of your successes no matter how small they are and don’t be strict with yourself. Even a cup that you liked and bought from your salary is a success. Every day you survive is a success and so give yourself a little recognition. And forgive yourself because that’s the only way you can forgive others.

2) With this interview, Bellspiration Club is at the end of the second month of its work. What do you think of this club? What do you think about Bellspiration in general and its goal of promoting the work of young people?

I am so proud of you and everything you have created and everything you create. WE ALL GROW TOGETHER WITH YOU. I am so glad and honored that you chose me to be part of this. And I am very happy to see and read wonderful stories every day, stories of people who make fairy tales out of their lives and who inspire us to be better. Every time I read the stories you posted I learn something new, I laugh. You and your inspirative stories cheer me up. Congratulations because you have always been an inspiration from the moment I met you in the bus <3