Adopted Draft Strategy for the Youth of Ilijaš Municipality

The Municipality of Ilijaš continues to recognize the needs and problems of young people, and to work on the adoption of policies and programs that help young people. At today’s session of the Ilijaš Municipal Council, the Draft Strategy for Youth with an Action Plan for the period 2023-2028 was adopted. year.

The draft Youth Strategy is the result of the cooperation of the Institute for Youth Development KULT with the Municipality of Ilijaš, the Service for Social Activities and Affairs of Local Communities of the Municipality of Ilijaš, the coordinating body and working groups that contributed to the drafting of the strategic document for the youth. Support for these activities was also provided by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports.

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The document offers a systemic approach to young people and focuses on the needs of young people through several key areas (education, employment, health care, social care, activism, security…). Also, the document along with the action plans provides the opportunity for young people to realize their rights through better institutional mechanisms.

The strategy envisages improving the secondary education support system, encouraging a stimulating business environment for young people, ensuring social security for young people, establishing a program with prevention measures within the health care system, better promotion of cultural and sports content for young people, as well as increasing education and information of young people about various forms of violence in the area of ​​Ilijaš municipality.

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By adopting a new strategic document for young people, Ilijaš Municipality ensures systemic care for young people and shows commitment to young people with the aim of improving their position in this local community. 

Previously, a survey was conducted on the basis of which an analysis of the needs and problems of young people in the Municipality of Ilijaš was carried out.

In the coming period, the Institute will continue cooperation with the Municipality of Ilijaš, which has proven to be a local community that cares for young people and that regularly implements programs and measures aimed at improving the lives of young people in this area.