Doctors from Sarajevo performed about 200 free examinations of returnees in Potočari

Text: Kadira Šakić, PHOTO FENA / Kadira Šakić

SREBRENICA, January 30 (FENA) – Yesterday, specialist doctors from Sarajevo performed free examinations for the residents of Srebrenica and Bratunac at the outpatient clinic in Potočari, and more than 200 medical examinations were recorded by two radiologists, a gynecologist and a general practitioner.

Clinical radiology specialist from Sarajevo, dr. Ajdin Smajlović has been coming for a long time and provides free medical assistance to returnees from the areas of Srebrenica and Bratunac.

– So far, the response from patients is the highest, and I hope that we will continue with this practice and help people. I believe that even more doctors will respond to this call. We mostly come for patients who cannot afford examinations in other developed cities. Our medical services are free – said Smajlović.

Sefir Halilović, assistant director of the Duje Reception Center for Health and Social Affairs at the Emmaus International Solidarity Forum, says that they come to Potočare to help the population and that it is good that such examinations have continuity.

– It is a pleasure for me to volunteer here and to see that our medical assistance means a lot to these people. We want to enable the provision of health services to residents who are in dire need of this service. We organize various specialist examinations for the people of Podrinje, especially our mother Srebrenica. It is good that in this way the health condition of patients is monitored by various profiles of doctors who come for free and provide their services. It is a noble act of this profession – pointed out Halilović.

Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, Dr. Amela Hodža, told Feni that the goal is to provide medical assistance to patients who desperately need it.

– Every time we come there is a crowd, but it has never been like this time. Providing medical assistance to these patients is a special feeling, and it is not the same when we work for a salary and when we work as a volunteer. No amount of money can pay for this feeling of humanity – said Hoxha.