BELLSPIRATION CLUB – MILA MIHAJLOVIĆ: I only dream of love and I have an idea of achieving the equality of all living beings (Part 1/4)

1)Dear Mila, for you, we tie books, writing, you are one of the youngest authors from our space…But who is actually Mila, what she loves and what does she do? For readers of Bellspiration, introduce yourself to us, so all of us can meet you.

Dear, primarily I would like to thank you for this beautiful opportunity to share one abstract of my life and my creation with your, even more beautiful, followers. Exactly, for me, people, when it comes to the skills in general, they tie nice writing to me, artist’s freedom in expression, contemporary literature and describing this crazy time in which all of us have found. But, who am I exactly, I will tell you now. I am Mila, whose soul was created as a product of the love of two beings, and my name represents the wish of my late grandmother that everyone sees me as one nice person, cheerful spirit and beautiful faces, and that wish came true, but not in the eyes of all, but in the eyes of those who see things from a real angle. I am a young woman who is constantly fighting for the equalization of the position of men and women in all aspects, I am one who is constantly searching for justice and truth, even in this world full of lies, which does not hinder me at all. From my little feet, I have an attitude and opinion that no one has shaken or taken away from me because I did not allow it. As honest as I am, I have to say that sometimes I say too much, and sometimes even too little, but always clear. My mother taught me to be an independent, strong woman, who would create for herself everything she didn't have a chance to create — and I became that, and I still become that, with the support of her, my grandfather and father, and of course, my heart. dear friends. Mila only dreams of love. 

I was born in a world in which love is underestimated, in which only material conditions and external prospects are important, and that, since I became aware of myself and my existence, has awakened sadness in me. At the same time, we create with the mediation of a repressive system that wants to swallow us because we have our own position and because we are aware of the truth and the problems that surround us. So, I dream of something else, and that is absolute freedom, and I believe that I dream in vain, because in the reality to which I return at the end of the day, man is always limited by something. And if my dreams have no limits, I must be aware of the circumstances, like all of us who were born at this age. Well, I deal with everything and everything, especially what describes life, because I think I have to save some moments from oblivion. I do art, mostly and most often writing poetry, which is a fundamental item for expressing the emotions of a human being during the development of humanity, and I also do embroidery sometimes, I love it very much because it reminds me of my grandmother who did it, then my mother started to teach me the decoupage, which she is working with, so here I am, starting with that. I am a gourmet by nature and I love to prepare food – not to make myself happy, but people with whom I will share that food. I like to pose for photos, to travel, to connect with people and animals, and generally, I do translation and writing. My job description includes translation and writing, and I enjoy that too. I deal with the sphere of human, women's and children's rights because I have an idea of ​​achieving the equality of all living beings, I am an activist and that is my passion because as I said, I have always chased justice. I am a second wave feminist, I support anarcho-feminism and liberal feminism. I also act in the theater and enjoy creating. I am currently preparing something extremely new, unseen so far, related to the performance and the acting performance, but then … That's the kind of life I lead.

2) What is “Success” by your definition and how to achieve it? 

Success is defined in many ways and can be seen from many perspectives of people who see it – for some people, success is good in the business they do, for some, it is success to create wealth, and for some – simply living freely in a world where no you can breathe from the authoritarian ideologies that are imposed on us on a daily basis. For me, success is all of the above, but one immeasurable success that exists is BEING A MAN. Every day, more and more often I come across non-humans and I am not the only one who faces it, but I still try to remain human. Such success is achieved by psychological isolation from the environment in which you live. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. It’s worth it because at the end of the day you managed to save yourself and your mental health that has no value.

3) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a member of the Bellspiration Club and for sharing your experiences with us in the coming weeks and inspiring us! What are your expectations from the Bellspiration Club?

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share my experience with wonderful people who are your faithful companions. My expectations are not high, my only expectation is that with my honest words I will contribute to fixing someone's day and restoring their faith in people, and of course, I expect a lot of inspiration in return! 🙂