Youth, media and communication – What did the UMiD training participants learn in the previous days?

A few hours ago, another training module Learn, Think and Act 18 was completed. In this module, our UMiD students learned about media literacy, strategic communication, managing social networks, writing letters for the media and how important it is for young people to be informed and to recognize modern ways of communication.

The content of this module is applicable in all life situations. Today, when the media is part of everyday life, it is extremely important to know the concept of media literacy and to master the skills needed for a good public appearance, and in general the rules of using social networks, especially when it comes to running a Facebook page, Instagram profile and the options offered by social networks.

What was particularly interesting for the participants of the UMiD training was the ‘role play’, where they found themselves in the role of press conference participants, and what will be useful to them in the future and help them in the situations before them.

Thanks to the excellent coach, good approach and relaxed atmosphere, the young people took a nice experience with them after these three days.

” The module on communication and relations with the public with lecturer Tahir Žustra definitely met all my expectations. These three days were very informative and inspiring. The lecturer successfully introduced us to the complex world of communication in all spheres. I especially liked the interactivity of the module, because we had the opportunity to ask questions, discuss different topics and apply what we learned through group exercises such as a press conference simulation. We also heard examples from the world of journalism, which allowed us to better understand how theory is applied in practice. Technology has become an integral part of our lives, from the way we communicate, learn, work, to the way we have fun. Advances in technology bring numerous advantages, but also challenges. On the one hand, technology allows us to access information at our fingertips, facilitates communication and connection with people around the world, allows us to work and study from home. However, issues such as data privacy, cyber security and the digital divide between those who have access to technology and those who do not are becoming increasingly important. Also, technology can foster addiction, isolation and negatively affect mental health. As young people, we are digital natives, born in the age of technology and we are the ones who will shape the future of technology, but also the ones who will have to deal with its consequences. Therefore, it is important to actively engage in discussions about how to use technology in a useful, safe and fair way for everyone ,” said Tarik Čolić, a participant from Mostar.

As part of this module, participants had the opportunity to talk with Jasmin Bešić, general director of the Institute for Youth Development KULT, at “Coffee with…”. This “Coffee with…” will remain in their memory because it was very useful, informative, emotional and additionally connected this group. Future youth leaders after this conversation received additional motivation and desire to be better and more persistent in achieving their goals.

We are looking forward to the next meeting with our UMiD team, new knowledge and impressions!