Non-working Sunday for shops in Goražde

Commercial shops in the area of ​​the City of Goražde will not be open on Sundays – the City Council of Goražde decided at the last session.

The decision on supplementing the decision on the working hours of facilities in the field of trade, hospitality, crafts and related activities in the area of ​​the City of Goražde was published in the official newspaper and its application will start as early as this week.

The deputy chairman of the Goražda City Council, Anela Čakal-Ušanović (NiP), recalled that after the adoption of this initiative in 2021, the Federal Ministry of Trade issued a negative opinion stating, among other things, that the competent city authorities cannot make a decision on the working hours of shops that would banned work on Sundays with the explanation that it is not in accordance with the Law on Internal Trade. 

Regardless, in July 2022, the draft decision was unanimously adopted, and at the end of December, the budget and finance committee held a public hearing. Given that almost a year has passed since the draft, I, on behalf of the NiP club, have submitted a proposal to amend the decision, which adds to articles 10 and 6 the paragraph on the non-working week, and those two articles refer to shops, although the entire decision includes several activities – specified Čakal-Ušanović.

She noted that the decision was adopted at the initiative of Gorazda merchants and that it applies to all those who are registered as a trading activity or retail trade.

– The goal is, first of all, a significant measure to improve the worker’s status, which allows workers in the trade to have a free Sunday. In most developed countries, Sunday is seen as a family day that is especially important for women, and they are the majority of trade workers in Bosnia and Herzegovina – says Čakal-Ušanović.

 The decision of the City Council was welcomed by the mayor of Goražda, Ernest Imamović.

– I would always put myself in the place of people who work in stores and for them this day means a lot because they certainly want to spend it with their family. It is necessary to initiate amendments to the federal law so that Sunday is non-working in shops throughout the FBiH – Imamović believes.