Youth in the focus of the City of Bihać – The draft strategy has been adopted!

The Draft Strategy for the Youth of the City of Bihać was adopted,  which represents a significant and positive step towards creating a better present and future for the youth of this city. This step shows the commitment of local authorities to the systematic improvement of the position of young people and creates a platform for their active engagement in the decision-making process. Through cooperation with the Institute for Youth Development, KULT Bihać managed to bring together a wide range of actors who work together to create inclusive and sustainable solutions for young people.

The importance of investing in the young generation in the context of brain drain

The positive story from Bihać emphasizes the importance of investing in young people and represents a concrete step towards creating a more favorable environment for them. When young people have the opportunity to actively participate in making decisions that concern them, they become more motivated to stay and build their future in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This not only improves their position, but also contributes to the overall development and prosperity of the country. The problem of brain drain is one of the biggest challenges for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Young talented people often leave the country in search of better educational and professional opportunities abroad. This not only impoverishes the country’s human capital, but also threatens its long-term development and stability. Initiatives like the strategy adopted in Bihać directly address this problem, providing young people with reasons and opportunities to stay and contribute to their community.

Investing in young people is therefore not only a matter of improving their position, but is also a key factor for the sustainable development and prosperity of the entire country.  When young people are given the opportunity to actively participate in decision-making and develop their potential, the risk of talent leaving is reduced, which contributes to the stability and progress of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Initiatives that encourage young people to actively participate in local politics and create better conditions for life and work can significantly reduce the trend of young people leaving the country. By creating a supportive and motivating environment, where the voice of young people is heard and respected, Bihać sets an example of how to fight against the brain drain. Investing in young people ensures not only their future, but also the future of the entire country.

Anyone who wants to contribute to the quality of the document with their proposals can get more information about the public hearing process at  THIS LINK . The final public hearing will be held on June 19, 2024. in the City Hall of the City of Bihać, starting at 10:00 a.m.