Youth Council of the City of Cazin reestablished

Youth action and activities through youth councils is still the goal of youth associations in the Federation of BiH.

On Wednesday, March 3, 2021, in Cazin, the constituent session of the Youth Council of the City of Cazin was held at which Adis Abdić was elected President of the Council.

The Youth Council of the Municipality of Cazin was established in 2012 and has been actively working for several years to establish policies for young people in Cazin. Since 2017, due to migrations that are the everyday life of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the association did not operate at full capacity and in November 2020 it officially stopped with its activities.

Only a few months later, young people part of three youth associations decided that it is time for a new youth structure. The new membership of the Youth Council of the City of Cazin consists of:

  • Youth Association “Mlade nade”
  • Youth Association “Krivaja u srcu”
  • Youth Association “Stina”.

In addition to the President, the new leadership consists of the President of the Assembly Ermin Beganović, Secretary Sara Jušić and PR Manager Arslan Arnautović.

The first activities of the Youth Council of the City of Cazin are imminent, the priority is the initiative to open a youth center. “The plan is, first of all, to have a healthy and solid foundation for the Youth Council. Of course, one of the priorities is to find new employment opportunities for young people, and we plan to work hard on that. Young people can expect a lot of good opportunities to improve themselves, learn new skills and gain knowledge. All activities will be published on our Facebook and Instagram page. Young people can expect a lot from us, but we also expect a lot from young people”, said Adis Abdić.

During the conversation, Adis pointed out that the challenge for the members of the Youth Council is to start a new story, but also to encourage young people to organize through new youth associations and work together with the members of the Youth Council to strengthen the position of young people in the city.

Finally, Adis spoke about the importance of cooperation: “Cooperation with other youth councils is one of the main goals of our Council. First of all, we want to create good cooperation with youth councils in our Canton. We believe that we have a lot of room for improvement and strengthen our cantonal council and thus improve the position of young people in our canton. Our Council is open for cooperation with youth councils and other non-governmental organizations, both in our country and beyond.”

We would like to congratulate to the new management of the Youth Council of the City of Cazin for launching the initiative and re-establishing the Youth Council. We wish them success in their work on establishing quality policies for young people.

Through the initiative “Institutional Dialog between Youth and the Governmental Authorities through the Establishment of Youth Councils”, the KULT Institute for Youth Development has supported the establishment of youth councils in FBiH since 2011, as well as strengthening of youth councils in RS. The Institute continues to support youth organization through the development and strengthening the role of youth structures in BiH.