We grow together: Three days of training, leadership, social justice, micro-business selection

The MOBA 2024 team had the opportunity to gather  from May 10-12, 2024. in the Hills Hotel in Sarajevo.  We held 3 live trainings for our youth from 50 communities and 1 online social justice training for new board members of Mozaik youth banks.

Coordinators of Mozaik Youth Banks, Committee for Micro-Entrepreneurship and Selection of Micro-Businesses, new members of the MOB Board, members whose communities have done mapping of socially excluded groups in their community and reported projects that included socially excluded participated in the trainings. groups.

First training from  10-11.5.2024.  in 2010, he was  coordinator on the topic of leadership in Mozaik youth banks . At this training, the participants had a little more space and the opportunity to share their experiences from the community, and they jointly reflected on the previous period, on the challenges and problems we face, how we can solve them, but also most importantly, they generously praised us and listed the things they are in this program for.

Whenever I come to the training of Omladinskih banka coordinators, I primarily look forward to meeting my colleagues whom I rarely see. Every training brings something new, new experiences, knowledge, skills, and so does this one. First of all, I would like to thank the Mozaik Foundation for the opportunities they provide us, as well as Mrs. Verica Kelava for the excellent training for the coordinators. Ms. Verica, with her presentation, opened our eyes to how to behave in certain situations, she showed us by her own example how to be a leader and initiate processes within a group. – Faris Čolić – coordinator of Omladinska banka Mostar.

This training was dedicated to listening to our young people from the community in order to improve the program as much as possible in the future. 

Until there is equality and justice for all, we cannot claim to live in a just society.

The second part of the day and the training was about social justice.  10.05.2024. We organized an online social justice training  for all our new members of the MOBA Board,  and from May 11-12, 2024. and Advanced social justice training  for all those Mozaik youth banks that have done mapping of  socially excluded groups  in their community and had community projects that deal with marginalized and socially excluded groups and have  a SDGs social justice component. 

The participants were delighted with the approach of trainer Nedim Krajišnik and the way he brought them closer to social (non)justice. During this workshop, they worked on different topics related to social (un)justice and at the end they reflected on who can be their allies and what kind of allies they can be when they want to promote and work more on social justice in their community and society.

The second part of the training was related to  mapping and sharing experiences from communities  where we had registered projects that include traditionally and socially excluded groups, youth and children with developmental difficulties and various projects whose component is social justice. Young people had the opportunity to hear different examples of projects from communities, and to ask and discuss them. 

  1. Advanced training in social justice – distribution of certificates

For me, Social Justice training represents togetherness, education and advancement. It resulted in new acquaintances of young people throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina where we all have a common goal of improving life and a better future for all of us in our local communities thanks to the Mozaik Foundation and the Youth Banks that provide us with this opportunity every day.-Erna Redžić, Youth Bank Bosanska Krupa.

The participants  also developed an action plan  with a proposal  for three study visits  between communities, as well as  presenting projects, allies and examples of good practice to each other. 

The committee for micro-entrepreneurship and selection of micro-businesses was very creative,  and as part of the training  for micro-entrepreneurship and selection of micro-businesses  from 11-12.05.2024. made a video on how to complete a financial plan for a micro-business application for a community youth bank grant. 

The training was led by my colleague Helena Kreća, and we were also visited by Mirsad Beširević from the Mozaik Start Up Studio program. 

At a recent workshop, we highlighted the importance of understanding the concept of social impact for micro-businesses and emphasized the need to plan concrete steps to implement those strategies. In addition, we emphasized the importance of regular monitoring of progress and adaptation of strategies according to needs, in order to ensure permanent realization of positive social impact along with business success.-Helena Kreća, program coordinator of Mozaik youth banks.

Voting for projects and micro-businesses from the second call for Mozaik youth banks begins on May 25, 2024.

If you haven’t already, be sure to support all the ideas of these young people by registering on Rolify and voting for projects from our 50 Mozaik Youth Bank communities!

Mozaik omladine banka team.

Source: rolify.com