Samir Krivić: Hero from Konjic who brought the European Rafting Championship to his town!

The organizer and main man who brought the European Rafting Championship to Konjic in 2024  is athlete Samir Krivić. This employee of the Second Elementary School Konjic is not only known as an organizer of major sports events, but also as a hero-rafter from the terrible floods that hit Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially the town of Maglaj, back in 2014.

Krivić was one of 14 cavalry rafters who, together with two other friends, on May 15 and 16 saved more than 160 people trapped in their homes by flooded Bosnia. They were without food and water, and among them were old and exhausted people, as well as newborn children, pregnant women, and seriously ill people.

Krivić, who initiated the action of cavalry rafters going to the danger zone of Maglaj, a few days after everything for  Bosnia and Herzegovina. he spoke to the news agency Patria about those moments.  He returned to his native Konjic, where he continued to do what he knows best – taking tourists to the Neretva waterfalls and enjoying the Herzegovinian karst together with them.

Rafters from   Konjic , and later teams from Visoko, Zavidovići and other towns played a key role in rescuing Maglaj during catastrophic floods. But today, hardly anyone talks about those brave guys.  “That place was too dangerous for someone to come because of an advertisement. We did it from the heart. That’s why we don’t expect anything from it. It is enough for us that thanks to us many families are together today,”  says Krivić.

In the same year, Samir Krivić was nominated by the Association “Volunteers and Friends of the Konjic Region” for the highest public recognition of the municipality of Konjic.

“Human heroes like Samir Krivić do not fight for recognition but for human lives. However, we who share the noble ideals of humanity will not, nor can we, turn a blind eye to the fact that he was the first in Maglaj when it was most difficult. For his nobleness, selflessness, heroism and unparalleled humanity, Samir Krivić deserves the recognition of his city as an outstanding individual and serves as an inspiration to all of us to be better people”  – stated in  the letter signed by the then president of VIPK,  Adis Muhibić.

The people of Konjic share undisguised pride that their fellow citizen is also responsible for the organization of such a big sports event, together with marathoner  Mahir Mujić , and all with the support of the great team of the city administration   of Konjic , Mayor  Osman Ćatić  and the tireless management of  Garden City Hotel.

We would like to remind you that tonight, at the Konjic bridge, the opening ceremony awaits us at 20:00. All athletes, guests and friends   of Konjic are invited  not to miss this spectacle. This will be an opportunity to look forward to the start of this great sporting event together and to support all participants in their upcoming challenges.

Guys and girls, good luck tonight!