Visits that broaden your horizons and teach you how to take advantage of the opportunities provided

The Institute for Youth Development KULT today hosted a representative of the Center for Education Tuzla.

We dedicated today to learning, exchanging information and experiences. Our guest had the opportunity to ask everything that he thinks will be useful to his organization in future work.

“It was very useful for me to see how successful people do it, to make me aware of what something we should all strive for actually looks like. I received a lot of information, which I still need to process, and I cleared up many doubts that I had. The most important thing for me is that I realized that I have open doors and people I can turn to, because I see the Institute as an example and number one in the non-governmental sector. My horizons are open as to how I can improve something and in what way I can use the ideas and opportunities that will be presented to me in the coming period” , said Almir Paočić, director of the Center for Education and Training Tuzla.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT has developed the concept of Job shadowing, which will provide civil society organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a new perspective of organizational development. This concept is most often used as a form of professional development, and serves to study everyday activities, work, work environment, application of different methods and models of work in practice.

The goal of the program is the transfer of knowledge, experience and sharing of practical advice in various areas of activity of non-governmental organizations, which are important for the development and improvement of organizational capacities. In addition to mentoring, advisory role and strengthening of human resources, the goal is networking, motivating to create partnerships and providing support for the development of the civil sector.

By providing the opportunity for representatives of organizations to get acquainted with certain work procedures in the Institute and ask everything they want and what would be useful for the development of their organizations, we jointly come up with new ideas and opportunities. The visits so far have proven to be very useful, and partner organizations often decide to apply what they have seen and learned during the visits.

The Center for Education and Training Tuzla is a partner organization that participates in the program of strengthening organizational capacities supported through the Strength of the Local.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT thanks today’s guest.

We look forward to the next visits!

You can read more about the concept of Job shadowing   HERE , and if you have additional questions, you can contact us via the e-mail address .