USAID’s Local Works – Local Resource Organizations Assistance Activity

USAID/Bosnia-Herzegovina is issuing a Request for Information (RFI) to inform interested organizations of an upcoming “USAID’s Local Works – Local Resource Organizations Assistance Activity” (LRO Assistance Activity). This RFI will be used as a market survey to determine availability of organizations who are interested in and capable of coordinating and implementing this new LocalWorks activity in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH), as described in the announcement.

This RFI also seeks comments mainly from, but not limited to, local resource organizations engaged in providing resources and services to other local organizations and individuals in their respective communities, as final beneficiaries of these activities.

This RFI is not a request for proposals, proposal abstracts, applications or concept notes or quotations.

For the full announcement, please go to or, using keyword Request for Information: LocalWorks LRO Assistance Activity in Bosnia-Herzegovina.