UMiD training participants are ready for new leadership ventures!

The Institute for Youth Development KULT  held a ceremony awarding certificates and certificates to the participants of the Learn, Think and Act 18 training (UMiD 18) and to the participants of the Learn, Think and Act training for teaching and professional staff of secondary schools (UMiDt). In addition to the awarding of certificates, the event particularly emphasized the importance of non-formal education for the Bosnian society.

“Investing in non-formal education, from its founding until today, the Institute for Youth Development KULT pays special attention to the development of leadership among young people. There is no development of society without young people, but there are no quality young people without quality educational staff and the support of all actors who have an influence on young people. Being a youth leader is a special honor and opportunity, but also a responsibility. Together, I am convinced that we can not only support each other, but we can change the world around us for the better. Today when we live at an accelerated pace, let us remind you that it is the responsibility of the leader to take care of himself, to take care of how he feels on his leadership journey. Don’t forget that this is the only way you can be a good leader in the community, classroom and society” , said Katarina Vučković from the Youth Work Department at the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

Young people who undergo non-formal education training are more prepared for the labor market, more active in the community and often encourage others to take action and search for solutions together.

“I see myself as a leader here in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through this training, I gained knowledge and skills that will be useful to me in the future. I am proud because I am here today and share my experience, and I am especially proud of the activities that my friend Vildana, who is also a UMiD training participant, and I organized at the Youth Center in Zenica. With our local civic initiative, we proved that Zenica, apart from being an industrial city, is an activist city, a city of young people. We continue to work at the Zenica Youth Center, because we are as valuable as we can give to others” , proudly stated Indira Agić, a participant in the UMiD 18 training from Zenica.

Through training for teaching and professional staff, the Institute wants to encourage a classroom in which to reflect, not only on topics offered by school subjects and obligations, but also to develop the skills and knowledge of every professional in secondary schools to recognize active young people and those ready for development in their intentions for further learning and support for the society in which they live.

“Thanks to this training, we – the teaching and professional staff of secondary schools, have created new opportunities for our students by giving ourselves the opportunity to grow. All the training activities reminded us that teachers are important. It’s a modern age, everything is available on the internet and television, young people can find and read everything, but I believe that young people need us to guide them to what they will read. Because our role is to bring the book to life, that’s our job ,” said Medina Sokolović-Alajmović, a participant in the UMiD training for teaching and professional staff of high schools from the “Nedžad Ibrišimović” High School Center in Ilijaš.

At this event, around 50 certificates and certificates were awarded, and all the activities that the youth and staff of secondary schools carried out in 2023 and will continue to carry out until the end of this school year were celebrated. During the event, those present had the opportunity to hear interesting and different stories, exchange experiences, socialize and motivate.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT thanks all participants, with a message to keep moving towards the realization of their dreams and goals!