Training Hate speech and the rights of LGBTIQI+ persons

USAID/INSPIRE organizes a training entitled Hate speech and the rights of LGBTIQI+ persons with the aim of introducing the participants to the basic concepts of human rights, their holders, and the values ​​of equality, freedom and non-discrimination.

Participants will learn about the international, regional and national legal framework for the protection of sexual and gender minorities, as well as selected cases from legal practice. Special attention will be paid to understanding and recognizing hate speech, including definitions, examples and legal standards that apply to this type of harmful expression.

Participants will also learn how and to whom to report hate speech, and what protection mechanisms are available for victims. Through debate and interactive workshops, participants will develop arguments that will enable them to advocate for the improvement of the position of sexual and gender minorities in the public sphere, as well as effectively respond to hate speech.

The training is intended for representatives of non-governmental organizations and activists from them, and it is possible to delegate only one person in front of one organization to the training. The training is planned for 26 participants, and registration for the training itself does not imply automatic participation in it.

The organizer bears the costs of working materials, food during the training, accommodation and travel expenses, which are reimbursed exclusively to the organization represented by the participant during the training. Selected participants will receive more detailed technical information and work program a few days before the start of the training.

Certificate of participation in the training:
Certificate of participation in the training will be given to participants who will be present at least 90% of the time during the training.

For any additional information, you can contact us by email  or by phone 033 778 772.

Event details

The start of the event06-17-2024
End of event06-19-2024
Start of registration05-23-2024
Last date of application06-07-2024