Dogs Trust and the City of Trebinje organized an event to promote the Humane System for Dog Population Management

As part of comprehensive support for the local community in Trebinje, Dogs Trust, in cooperation with the City Administration of Trebinje, on Saturday, May 25, 2024, organized an event for the public – dog owners and lovers, but also children, parents, and all citizens who support humane , legal and permanent solution to the problem of abandoned dogs.

The event is the culmination of a five-week hosting of the Dogs Trust Dog School in Trebinje and a joint media campaign to promote responsible dog ownership as a key measure for a sustainable dog population management system, and a safe and happy community with happy dogs in it.

On this occasion, the Dogs Trust Foundation, which normally finances the mass sterilization of abandoned dogs with additional veterinary treatment (vaccine against rabies, treatment against intestinal parasites, microchip and tag), and sterilization of owner’s dogs, donated to the City 4 microchip readers, as well as 4 transport boxes for dogs, in order to support better supervision of owner’s dogs, and the humane transport of dogs within the framework of the legal and humane System.

Dogs Trust also announced the opening of its Program for educating school children on safety with dogs from September 2024, while the City, as part of a joint campaign, called on dog owners who have not yet done so to fulfill their legal obligation and chip their pets, and 50% the cost for the first 100 owners who report to the Anima Vet clinic is financed by the City.

A Memorandum of Cooperation was also signed which confirmed the determination of the City of Trebinje to continue working consistently on sustainable and humane solutions to the problem of abandoned dogs, and the Dogs Trust Foundation to help in this within its available resources and capacities.

The city of Trebinje participates in financing and cooperates with the humane, transitional shelter “Danica” as an important part of the System, which takes in smart and socialized dogs, and whose members also socialized with us.

The event was attended by numerous visitors who participated in an interactive presentation on dog body language, and watched a demonstration by a Dogs Trust trainer and his dog, while the youngest visitors enjoyed the Dogs Trust educational and entertaining workshop and learned how to be as safe as possible around dogs. and in contact with them.

A prize draw was also held, so the luckiest took home Dogs Trust dog beds and car mats, and everyone who came to the gathering also left with a nice memory and a useful gift.