The diversity of organizations as a reason for new thinking and ideas

The Institute for Youth Development KULT was visited today by representatives of the Association of Vegans and Vegans Viva BiH.

Job shadowing has proven to be a very successful and important concept for the successful acquisition of new knowledge, the exchange of different experiences and examples of good practice. Visits within the framework of job shadowing brought a completely new experience – both to the employees of the Institute and to all those who have stayed in the premises of the Institute on this occasion and brought with them motivation, good energy and advice that they can apply in the future work of their organization.

By providing the opportunity for representatives of organizations to be familiar with certain work procedures in the Institute and ask everything they want and what would be useful for the development of their organizations, new ideas, possibilities and opportunities for growth, development and progress are born.

“It was really nice for us, the atmosphere is very pleasant, we felt, so to speak, like “at home”. We adopted a lot of new information and everything was explained to us in detail. We are glad that there is an organization in BiH that provides an opportunity for partner organizations to see what its work looks like in practice. It would be great if other employees of our organization visit the Institute in this way and listen to some of the sessions”, agreed
Ajdin Arnautović, president of the organization, and Marina Stojić, financial manager.

Since the development of the job shadowing concept and its application, the Institute has been visited by numerous organizations of various interests and fields in which they operate. This diversity is one of the reasons why we grow together – we accept something new, different, innovative, interesting and important with the aim of new ideas and proposals for improving the work of civil society organizations. Visible motivation of others and good cooperation with partners are more reasons for the Institute to boldly continue with such activities and be supportive in strengthening organizational capacities with the aim of creating better opportunities for the society in which we live.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT has developed the concept of Job shadowing, which provides civil society organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a new perspective of organizational development. This concept is most often used as a form of professional training, and serves to study everyday activities, work, work environment, application of different methods and models of work in practice.

We would like to thank the representatives of the Association of Vegans and Vegans Viva BiH for the visit, useful discussions and exchange of experiences!

You can read more about the concept of Job shadowing  HERE. , and if you have additional questions, you can contact us via the e-mail address