Strengthening competitiveness and investing in export-oriented industries for stronger growth of the BiH economy

Stable growth of domestic companies is an indicator of quality economic growth and greater opportunities for competitiveness in the European market. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the European economy. The European Union is therefore investing significant resources in developing the potential of BiH SMEs, to help them improve production, improve product quality and strengthen internal capacity.

In order to create new and preserve existing jobs and strengthen the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Union is helping the development of BiH companies to contribute to the strengthening of the local community and ensure a better quality of life for the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through the EUProLocal project, the European Union also supported the metal industry sector, enabling companies in this sector not only to develop business, but also to train workers, local partnerships, new employments and the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment, contracting new jobs and expanding product range.

Thanks to the funds of the European Union, the company ‘Kovan d.o.o.’ from Gračanica was the first in Bosnia and Herzegovina to procure the most modern robotic welding machine. Nijaz Halilović, the Director of the company, emphasizes the importance of such an investment in the development of the company and training of employees to work on the most modern machines. “With the help of the European Union, we have implemented the procurement of a robotic welding cell, the latest technology that can be found in Europe, and thus we have the opportunity to take new jobs, to have some new technological requirements in production, metal processing,” said Halilović.

The company employs about 280 workers, and is engaged in the production of high-quality boilers, fireplaces and fully automated pellet heating systems. The quality of their products is recognized outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the use of new technology, thanks to European Union funds, has opened new business opportunities for the company, but also for the local community. Modern technologies that are now applied are a model for other companies in the area how to improve the production process and expand the range of products. “The impact of purchasing this technology on the local community was certainly that we were able to hire new employees with new jobs, and this technology in our local community enabled other companies to use the services of robotic welding technology and implement it in their future products,” underlines Halilović.

With successful and sustainable development, BiH companies open new opportunities for their employees, contribute to the development of their local communities and strengthen the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The European Union continuously invests and supports the development of companies in order to ensure stable growth and development and improve the competitiveness of BiH companies in the domestic and European markets.