A success story from Sarajevo: A group of brave, unemployed women make the finest satin products

Good stories and initiatives also happen in times of uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

A group of brave, unemployed and retired women decided to have additional earnings through the use of already acquired skills.

Namely, they are making hand-made satin pillows, hats, sleeping masks and hair accessories from the finest satin.

This small production exists under the name So.Me and you can find them on the Instagram profile so_me_lifestyle as well as the Facebook profile So.Me – Home & Spa.

“The benefits of satin have been known for a long time. The smoothness and composition of the material have a positive effect on the skin and hair and show great results through constant use. It is important to emphasize that satin is a material that, unlike silk, has no fibers of animal origin”, representatives of the company Clipcon said for an interview with Akta.ba.

As they said some of the benefits of using satin products are preventing dry skin, preventing moisture loss from the hair during the night, hair breakage, wrinkles on the face and neck, and smoothness and a general feeling of comfort.

This domestic brand currently manufactures pillows, hats for sleeping and home use, sleeping masks, hair bands, all relying exclusively on products and subcontractors from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the future, they intend to expand production and hire more women.