Strengthening the potential of the agri-food sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The European Union has recognized that for the sustainable and continuous development of the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a systematic investment in the numerous potentials of the agri-food sector is necessary. Agricultural development and investment in process modernization, ensuring higher product quality and strengthening export opportunities are benefits for all farms, small and medium enterprises, local communities and socio-economic partners.

Sustainable rural development enables the creation of new jobs, the development of natural resources throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and the support of small producers to preserve traditional products and strengthen capacity for better competitiveness in the domestic and European markets. Farms are an example of determination, will to develop and commitment to the local community to present the local product, often the pride of the area, in the best possible light and ensure the highest possible quality.

Thanks to the support of the European Union, Podhum Farm has provided modern agricultural equipment in order to increase productivity and income. Higher quality products, safety and market positioning also enable the retention of existing and the creation of new jobs. The farm strives to produce the highest quality and healthiest products according to the standards of organic agriculture.

Thanks to the funds of the European Union, we have built a water supply system and a large solar power plant, up behind the hill, at a thousand meters above sea level. Employing a dozen families, all of whom are more or less from the village of Podhum or the surrounding area, is a big deal. That’s ten families. My goal is to welcome 10 first-graders in the school again,” emphasizes Jakov Omazić from the Podhum farm.

The Livno area is also known for its tradition of producing top-quality hard cheeses and investing in the promotion and sustainability of production. By producing top-quality hard cheeses and constantly investing in improving the quality and production process of farms, Eko sir Puđa raises the bar of production quality. With the support of the European Union, new workers were trained, modern machines for the production of better and better products were procured, and the entire production process was improved.

The support of the European Union has helped us to modernize, by educating our workers and procuring new modern machines that will help and serve us to produce better and higher quality products. And how do we contribute to the local community? In this way, we hired new people, and this was especially evident during the pandemic when we managed to keep all the workers and additionally hire new workers and especially keep all our subcontractors,” says Tomislav Puđa, the owner of the factory.

The project is expected to create new jobs, increase competitiveness and production capacity, including the introduction of innovations in the production process. By recognizing the quality, potential and supporting the sustainable development of the agri-food sector, the European Union enables the creation of new jobs and the strengthening of the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.