SOS Children’s Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina – donation boxes now in McDonald’s

As of today, donation boxes of SOS Children’s Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) can be found in five McDonald’s restaurants, in Mostar and Sarajevo. In this way, McDonald’s continues to provide support to SOS Children’s Villages in BiH, and this time they have included their customers who can make a donation in the amount they choose.

McDonald’s has been supporting the activities of the Youth Program for several years, by preparing young people for the labor market, but also providing first employment, which is very important in the segment of empowering young people, to which we as an organization are extremely committed. Setting up donation boxes in Sarajevo and Mostar is another form of support from our friends, who this time decided to include their customers. We would like to express gratitude to McDonald’s for many years of friendship, understanding and supporting our mission. I would also like to thank McDonald’s customers in advance who decide to help children from SOS Children’s Villages in BiH in this way,” said the national director of SOS Children’s Villages in BiH Mirela Gruenther-Đečević.

The head of marketing and communications of McDonald’s in BiH, Adi Hadžiarapović, added that the company and its employees are proud to be able to support the mission and project of SOS Children’s Villages in BiH.

One of our basic principles is socially responsible business,” said Hadžiarapović.

You can find donation boxes in all five McDonald’s restaurants, at three locations in Sarajevo and two in Mostar.

214 children and young people grow up in SOS Children’s Villages in BiH, in 30 SOS families. In addition to caring for children without parental care, the organization provides direct support to families in need through the Family Strengthening Program and works to empower young people they care for even after they reach formal adulthood. The work of the organization is possible with the help of donors and friends. In addition to donations through donation boxes, you can also help with continuous monthly donations or covering part of the costs of SOS families. More information on how to support our work can be found on the website