Ajna Dedić helps animals by making art pieces on aluminum foil

Doing what you love and being socially useful is an ideal combination for Ajna Dedić, an artist who makes art pieces on aluminum foil and has a master’s degree in communication. She decided to combine the love of art and the love of animals. She spends the money she earns from selling her paintings to help animals. She fell in love with drawing on aluminum foil after one creative workshop, and then she attended additional classes to perfect her drawing.

I participated in a creative drawing workshop on aluminum foil and I liked the technique. Anyone can learn the technique. Your work depends on how creative you will be, and how to stand out from those who do the same or similar art works, depends on your ideas and imagination. I started using this technique by accident and continued on purpose. In addition, I went to classes and improved it, “said Ajna for the Akta.ba portal.

After perfecting her drawing technique, she decided to show her works to others and created the Facebook page Polonica ART.

When I created the Facebook page, it became so popular in a very short time. Numerous messages of support, great comments, numerous calls, but also orders began to follow. That inspired me even more and I proudly continue with even greater enthusiasm“, Dedić pointed out.

Drawing on aluminum foil offers countless possibilities

The drawing technique on aluminum foil offers countless possibilities. It takes a lot of time and patience, but the result is certainly worth it.

From the idea itself, through drawing, indenting, cracking, dotting, painting to framing, it’s a long way, but that’s not the end. It is followed by taking photos of your work, and the next extremely important step, promotion“, explained Ajna.

The creative woman from Zenica decided to use the money she earns from the sale of paintings to help animals, and she believes that she will be able to inspire others to do the same.

It is not easy to live on the street, not to have a warm place to spend the night, it is not easy not to have a regular meal or a bowl of water. Life on the street is cruel and there are many dangers that animals face every day. I still believe in the good in people and I know a lot of good people who have empathy for people and animals and are willing to help. People are good, but sometimes they don’t think and they need to be inspired, given a chance to do a good deed, reminded to how they can contribute. There are many people who enthusiastically ordered the painting from me in order to give their contribution to the abandoned animals“, Dedić emphasized.

In the future, Ajna plans to explore her capabilities and work hard

I work very hard every day and I will continue to work at the same pace. I want people to remember me, especially when they need a gift, a surprise or a souvenir. I am so happy that I can help abandoned animals by drawing, and when your thoughts are colorful, life is never gray“, Ajna said at the end of our interview.