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The Plus Ultra association has launched a series of blogs through which they will present active youth associations that do great things for young people. We decided to start our first blog with  ONAuBiH , and below you can find all the info you need to join this organization.
What is ONAuBiH?
The Youth Newspaper Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina  or  ONAuBiH  is a multinational and multi-ethnic non-governmental organization that was established  on December 21, 2007 , and for years it has been helping young people to get to know the media better, to promote them positively, and to give them the opportunity to participate in the creation and filling of the media themselves. space.
By organizing various projects and activities, ONAuBiH enables young people to become more familiar with the side of the media that particularly interests them, and enables them  to participate directly .
From its very beginning until today, ONAuBiH has been supported by  the German Schüler Helfen Leben Foundation, and is also a full member of the European Youth Press.
The main mission of ONAuBiH is to create a society in which one thinks critically and acts, and thus develops media literacy, since young people from all over BiH are educated to freely market and consume media content.
How to become a member of ONAuBiH?
ONAuBiH currently has over  60 members  from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the door is open to anyone who wants to become one of them, participate in the creation of media space, and create inspiring, educational and interesting media content, and also improve their skills and acquire new ones.
Members who wish to apply must meet the following conditions:
– that they are citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
– to be between 15 and 30 years old;
– that they are not activists of one of the political parties;
In the link below, there is a form that you can fill out to express your desire to become a member and work in ONAuBiH.
YOU CAN FIND THE APPLICATION LINK HERE If this post intrigued you and encouraged you
to research more about the current activities and competitions of ONAuBiH, you can find out more at the link.
in our society.
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