Next Level Business workshop: Working on business, not just in business

Do you have a lot of ideas, but you don’t have time to devote to them because you work 24/7? Chances are you’re only working in business right now, not on business.

Owners of small and medium-sized companies often find themselves in a situation where they are involved in all tasks from janitor to director. They burden themselves with tasks they should delegate and work on things that don’t make money. Because of all this, when they hear the word innovation, they no longer feel the enthusiasm that was once ubiquitous, and now something new sounds like just another tick on a too-long daily to-do list.

“We want to help business owners redefine their job description and create their own business. If you are a real business owner, then at the same time you run two businesses, the current one and the one that your business is yet to become. It is difficult to leave things to others and find trustworthy people, but it is even more difficult to stagnate and let the company waste time and money because the right potential is not in the right place. The goal is to do better, not more. That’s why our clients often say that they learned how to earn more by working less” , says Ajla Mulalić, director of Invision Consulting.

Growth-oriented entrepreneurs are always looking for new opportunities and innovations to develop their businesses, think strategically and plan long-term goals and the steps necessary to achieve them. Instead of stopping or resisting, they quickly adapt to new circumstances, market trends and technological innovations.

“Clients come to us and say that they have reached a certain level and don’t know where to go next. A business can only grow up to a certain limit by doing more. When that limit is reached, it’s time for changes, and the first reaction to change is usually resistance. That’s why we are organizing the Next Level Business workshop for the second year in a row to help entrepreneurs get out of the operating room ,” says Amir Mulalić, business coach and consultant from Invision Consulting.

Next Level Business is a two-day interactive workshop for entrepreneurs who want to get out of operational jobs and clearly recognize in which roles their business needs them.

The workshop will be held on May 24 and 25 in Sarajevo. For more information, visit  the link .