A young married couple opened a chimney sweeping company that Mostar had not had for 39 years

Tajma and Sanjin Drljević are a young married couple from Mostar, who revived the old trade by opening a chimney sweep company, which, according to the official data of the Archives of Herzegovina, Mostar was not 39 years old, which they found out when registering chimney sweep services in their city.

Although they officially revived the craft a few days ago, in the largest city on the Neretva they have already become a couple who act in emergency situations in black uniforms, and their appearance on the streets is a real attraction for citizens, as we saw for ourselves when we met them in the city park .

Citizens stopped to grab the button, which, according to the old folk custom, brings good luck, explaining it to the young generations, which also delighted the newly minted chimney sweeps, so they happily distributed the buttons to their fellow citizens.

The head of the Department of Social Activities of the City of Mostar, Božo Ćorić, did not miss the button for happiness either, who was delighted to meet the chimney sweeps along the Mostar promenade and congratulated him on the bold move to revive the craft that Mostar had been missing for decades.

In the conversation with them, we learned that Tajma is a master’s degree in chemistry, who did not have the opportunity to establish a working relationship, and Sanja is a customs technician with numerous business experiences far from being a professional.

They embarked on the adventure of returning the old craft because they were forced to clean the chimney in their house by themselves, because there was no one to do it for them.

“When we had a problem with the chimney, we didn’t know who to call or ask for help, so I went to an agricultural pharmacy and bought a brush and cable to fix it myself. Then, as an absolute layman, I managed to solve the problem for ten days, and while looking for a professional, I found out that there are no chimney sweeps in the city”, Sanjin begins to tell our portal about the prelude to a business venture.

As he says, that was enough of a sign for him that he should become a chimney sweep, and in order not to wander on the way to the goal, he contacted the Association of Chimney Sweeps BiH, where he received all the guidelines and instructions.

“The late Selim Ekmečić, who was the president of the association at the time, contacted me and immediately said that he wanted to help me. His deputy, Jadranko Đurić from Brčko, also gladly joined the mission. They advised me to enroll in school and obtain the necessary qualifications, which I accepted,” Sanjin tells Klix.ba about his initial steps.

But, as his mentors advised him to include someone else in his education, aware that he would not be able to do all the work alone, this created a problem for him, because he could not find anyone. That was the reason for Taimi to go with him on that journey, of which they are now very proud, as well as the whole family, who supported them all the time on the way to achieving their goal.

“I knew how much Sanjo wanted to study as a chimney sweep, and I saw that he was troubled by the fact that no one he asked wanted to go with them. And I discovered chimney sweeper Dajana Đurić on the Internet, whom I later met, which inspired me to get the qualifications to do that job too,” Tajma tells Klix.ba, who is, without a doubt, the first chimney sweep in the history of Mostar.

On the way, the otktića was especially pleased that her profession and chimney sweeping were connected, because during schooling they were required to learn how to handle chemicals for cleaning central heating pipes and acquired qualifications for a wider field of activity.

After obtaining their diplomas, they became parents of their first child and faced the problem of acquiring the necessary tools, which are very expensive and difficult to find. But they courageously started working with the basic, cheapest tools, and then with intensive work, credit and family support, within a year and a half, they managed to acquire all the necessary machines, a vehicle and a camera for filming the chimney, which itself cost 11 thousand KM. and they registered a company they are proud of.

“We use state-of-the-art technology without climbing on the roof and dust, and we successfully solve problems regardless of the weather,” say the Mostar chimney sweeps, who have their hands full, because, as they claim, all the calls they receive are urgent, which is not surprising considering that that no one has maintained the chimneys in Mostar for decades.

Source – photo: Klix.ba

Source: stolacki.ba