Long-term support of the Municipality of Novi Grad to the Center for Early Growth and Development

For the twelfth year in a row, the Municipality of Novi Grad allocates funds to co-finance the work of the Center for Early Growth and Development, which operates within the SOS Children’s Villages organization in BiH. This year, the Municipality will support the work of the Center with a donation in the amount of 45,000.00 KM, which will enable the continuation of providing free professional assistance to children and parents from the community.

“I want to thank these people who care for the Center for Early Growth and Development and I am happy that we have such an organization that realizes this very important project. The funds that the Municipality allocates this year for the work of the Center for Early Growth and Development amount to 45,000 KM and we can say that it will be usefully spent for children and parents and their needs. When this project started, there were about 50 municipalities that supported the project, I think we are the only ones that have continued our support until today. We will certainly continue to cooperate with SOS Children’s Villages in BiH, they have a very large and rich experience and we want to work with them on this and similar projects” , said Mr. Delalić.

The Center for Early Growth and Development is the first accredited and certified Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and this year it also met all the accreditation standards of the Agency for Quality and Accreditation in Healthcare in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina – AKAZ. The Organization expressed their gratitude and emphasized the importance of the support of local partners for all families in the community.

“The importance of the Center for Early Growth and Development is multifaceted for families and the community. The main goal of these services is the early detection of possible deviations in the development of children, the elimination of developmental delays in case of detection, and the building of the capacity of parents and guardians to take care of their children so that they grow up healthy. With their professional approach and dedicated work, our team of experts contributes to the achievement of goals and the achievement of mutual success, therefore the continuous support of our local partners is important to us. Thanks to the Municipality of Novi Grad, we annually support more than 300 children and 200 parents through the activities of the Center, and precisely because of this we can say that this is a joint success” , said the national director of SOS Children’s Villages in BiH, Malik Garibija.

The organization SOS Children’s Villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been providing care for children and youth without parental care for three decades, and through family strengthening programs it helps socially vulnerable families and works to prevent the separation of children from their families of origin. More information about the work of SOS Children’s Villages in BiH and how to help can be found  HERE .

Source: akta.ba