Mozaik Foundation: Public, business and civil society sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina jointly initiate activities to improve the legal framework for charity

Did you know that due to the lack of a clear legal framework in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), we throw away 500 tons of food a year, destroy goods seized at customs or fail to get a donated wheelchair for people with mobility difficulties due to customs or VAT costs? At the same time, a huge number of people live in poverty or on the brink of poverty, and people with disabilities live in particularly poor conditions.

Due to such and similar situations, the Mozaik Foundation and its partners held an online conference in the previous 3 days at which over 170 representatives of the civil, public and business sector from all over BiH gave similar examples and gave suggestions on how to systematically improve the situation, by agreement of all actors involved.

The participants of the conference expressed their desire to be more individually involved, and together, at all levels in BiH, improve the system and help families and individuals in need. The activities are part of the USAID-funded Legal Framework for Philanthropy project, implemented by the Mozaik Foundation in partnership with the Hastor Foundation, the Association and the Peacebuilding Network from BiH and the Catalyst and Trag Foundations from Serbia.

The Mozaik Foundation and partners invite all people, representatives of civil society organizations, public and business sector, to register at and join the initiative.

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