Hub Homework members donated blood

Hub Homework members together with the Association Ruku na srce and the Department of Transfusiology donated blood.

Hub Homework is a multifunctional space for learning, working and socializing.

The Hub Homework, according to the founders, arose from the needs they met as students, and it is a motivating space where young people can fulfill their school/university obligations, study alone or in a group and prepare for exams, tests and colloquia.  

HUB members showed their humane side, so they donated blood, the only medicine that modern pharmacy has failed to produce synthetically.

Last week, they organized a blood donation activity in the Staka Skenderova hall, together with the Association Ruku na srce and the Institute of Transfusiology.

Why should you use the Hub Homework?

While some come only for socializing because they are bored, not realizing that they are bothering those who really came here to study, for most students, the reading room is the only corner of peace. Noisy roommates, cramped rooms in the home, housemates who would constantly ask you something are all reasons to start studying in the reading room.

It is quieter than at home, whether it is a dormitory, a family house or an apartment where you have roommates. We invite you to use the Hub Homework for your needs.