Another symbol has returned to Sarajevo – Iconic Trebević Viewpoint

Symbolically, on Bosnia’s Independence Day, historically important for our country and its capital, from Trebević, a place that is one of the symbols of Sarajevo’s defense, we are proud to present a new capital project that remains a legacy to all its citizens.

The best way to mark Independence Day is visible evidence of hard and dedicated work, the results achieved by the current government, the renewal of the symbols of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our expression of respect for the only homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is to revitalize the symbols of the capital and invest in development projects that have built and continue to build themselves.

Sarajevo got one of the most beautiful and most representative modern architectural buildings, the iconic Viewpoint.

All construction works have been completed. It is a complex building with different facilities for all generations, distributed on a total of three floors dominated by a monumental spiral staircase.

The newly built Viewpoint can match any similar complex in the world, and will remain recognizable for its spacious flat roof, accessible to all future visitors.

In addition to indoor facilities, a public area has been created suitable for various cultural events, mini concerts, different artistic events and exhibitions.

As was the case with the renewed Trebević cable car, there is no doubt that the Viewpoint will prove that the investment is fully justified.