“Merhamet” provided help to 50 families in Bosanska Kostajnica whose homes were damaged in the earthquake

BOSANSKA KOSTAJNICA, January 6 – The delegation of HO “Merhamet” MDD, led by the president of the organization Kenan Vrbanjac, visited today Bosanska Kostajnica, the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They visited 50 families whose homes were destroyed during the recent catastrophic earthquake.

“Merhamet” distributed 50 food packages and 50 hygiene products packages to these families.

35 families were accommodated with their relatives, while the remaining 15 families found refuge in the Nursing Home in Grdanovci, near Bosanska Kostajnica.

– We wanted to show solidarity with the families whose homes were damaged in the earthquake and who now find themselves in a difficult financial situation. “Merhamet” tried to help them in accordance with its capabilities and to provide them with emergency assistance and in some way make the situation easier for them – said Vrbanjac.

The distribution of the packages was attended by the directors of “Merhamet’s” regional committees, the leaders of “Merhamet” in Bosanska Kostajnica and the chief imam of the Islamic Community in this city, Haris ef. Ahmić.

According to the secretary of the Basic Board of “Merhamet” Bosanska Kostajnica Elvin Halilović, “Merhamet”, immediately after the earthquake, reacted and helped the affected population, but also in cleaning and repairing damaged houses.

– Together with the volunteers of “Merhamet”, we work every day on repairing minor damages on the houses, in order to enable families to return to their homes – said Halilović.

In addition to the president of Vrbanjac, the Secretary General of “Merhamet” Sidik Aždahić and the directors of the regional board of “Merhamet” Bihać Alen Prošić, Tuzla Mensura Husanović, Travnik Merzuk Omerdić and Maglaj Sanela Omerović visited Bosanska Kostajnica.

Let us remind you, after the catastrophic earthquake in Croatia, “Merhamet” launched a humanitarian action to collect aid for the population of Petrinja and Glina, which will last until January 31, 2021.