“Merhamet” provided and distributed meals for 900 migrants in the “Lipa” camp in Bihać

BIHAĆ, January 12 – Today, the Regional Board of “Merhamet” Bihać prepared 900 meals in its soup kitchen “Imaret”. The food was distributed to migrants in the “Lipa” camp.

According to the director of the Regional Board of “Merhamet” Bihać, Alen Prošić, all migrants in the “Lipa” camp received half a kilogram of bread, fruit, two cans of meat and a liter and a half of water.

– This is a breakfast that we shared with migrants in coordination with the “Red Cross” of Una-Sana Canton.

This is the result of the agreement reached at the meeting in Bihać by the President of the “Red Cross” of Bosnia and Herzegovina Husein Kličić and the President of HO “Merhamet” MDD Kenan Vrbanjac, that these two organizations will continue the successful cooperation and joint activities to help migrants in the “Lipa” camp in Bihać.

“Merhamet” will continue to help migrants in the “Lipa” camp, for which this organization provided assistance worth around 50,000 BAM.