Become a member of one of the five boards of Omladinska banka

The Tuzla Community Foundation invites all interested young people from Tuzla Canton to join us in one of the five boards of Omladinska banka: Tuzla, Kalesija, Živinice, Lukavac and Srebrenik for a one-year adventure called OMLADINSKA BANKA!

If you join us, you will have the opportunity to participate in a unique process that allows young people to directly influence the improvement of life in the local community

Young people who join the Omladinska banka Board will participate in the decision-making process on co-financing youth projects. The process within the Board is clearly and precisely systematized, so that at the same time it strengthens the capacities of the members of the Board with the aim of a democratic and transparent way of making quality decisions on youth initiatives.

The members of the Board of the Omladinska banka work as a team, making all decisions independently, without the influence of anyone from the outside. They are the ones who decide which topics and areas the Omladinska banka will support in their community, create criteria for obtaining grants, promote in the media and in the community, select proposed initiatives, talk to applicants and make the final decision on projects to be co-financed by the Tuzla Community Foundation.

Young people from the Board of Omladinska banka will participate in:

  • workshops and educational trainings,
  • analysis of needs and problems in communities,
  • the decision-making process on co-financing youth projects,
  • summer camp of youth banks,
  • travel and socializing.

The call is open in the period from January 19, to February 14, 2021 for all young people aged 15 to 25, who want to learn something new, strengthen their capacities and make positive changes in their community.

You can submit your application by filling out the form on the following LINK.

If you have ever wondered what Omladinska banka is, how it works and what are its aims, apply and find out!

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone 035 362 831, every working day between 8:00h and 4:30h or by e-mail: – Tuzla – Živinice – Kalesija – Lukavac – Srebrenik

Become a member of one of the five boards of Omladinska banka! We are waiting for you!