Media education: How to write a project and where to find support programs

Education topics for local media and journalists: Writing and applying for projects: defining the project problem, goals, activities, results, monitoring and evaluation, budgeting; Practical exercise of project proposal preparation and Review of current support programs.

The training will be held in Livno, in the PTC “Forum” meeting room, on Monday, May 20, 2024. starting at 11:00 a.m.

We invite all interested editors, journalists of local media, individual journalists and citizen journalists from the area of ​​HBŽ/K10, ŽZH/K8 and HNŽ/K7 and beyond.

The lecturers are Mirela Porobić and Tatjana Udovicić, employees of the Center for Media Development and Analysis with many years of experience in the preparation and management of media and other projects with the support of various international donors.  

All participants are provided with transportation costs, refreshments and lunch, and please confirm your participation to the Center for Civic Cooperation no later than May 18, 2024. via e-mail: or phone number  034 202 770 .

The project “Promoting Citizen Participation in Local Government” is supported by the National Foundation for Democracy (NED).