Knit and knit friendship

As part of the socially responsible campaign {TOGETHER} for a better tomorrow in 2023 – support for projects to improve and preserve the mental and physical health of women, the  dm company  supported the implementation of 14 projects from all over BiH, with more than 60,000 KM.

Projects were supported with activities such as: expert lectures and workshops on various topics, consultations, creation of educational manuals, learning taekwondo and yoga techniques, etc.

One of the supported projects is the “Knitting and knitting friendship” project, organized by  the Lotos Association  , which deals with mental health protection projects for children and adults. The goal of the project was to improve the psychosocial functioning of women of the third age and to improve the quality of their life, to alleviate the feeling of isolation and rejection. As part of the project, creative workshops, education, counseling and social activities were realized.

“For the last eight months, thanks to the funds of dm’s initiative “{TOGETHER} for a better tomorrow”, Lotus has been a safe place for women of the third age, where they felt accepted, welcomed and valued members of our society, less lonely and more always functional. The activities started with this project continue to a large extent due to the expressed interest of the beneficiaries, who still feel the need for support in preserving their mental health and coping with individual difficulties, but also nurturing the remaining capacities of their personality” , said the Executive Director of the Association, Emina. Hadžihalilović Muračević, graduate psychologist.

Women’s health is one of the topics that the company  dm  actively deals with, and in addition to the campaign {TOGETHER} for a better tomorrow, the first professional conference dm women’s conversations was organized in June of last year. Projects to improve and preserve physical and mental women’s health were also supported at the 6th dm women’s race.

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