[Plus Ultra] “EcoVitality – Preserving the Earth of Body and Mind”

We invite you to a workshop called “EcoVitality – Preservation of the Earth Body and Mind”
This workshop will give you the opportunity to explore more deeply the connection between our inner ecology of mind and body and the outer ecology of the environment in which we live.

 DKC, Sarajevo

Through a panel discussion, young people from the fields of ecology, sports, nutrition and yoga will share their experiences, ideas and perspectives on the importance of preserving nature for our physical and mental well-being, and give suggestions on how we can nurture a harmonious relationship between ourselves and the environment. 

The number of places for the workshop is limited, so please register as soon as possible to secure your place, visit the link in the description of our  Instagram  profile!

You can apply until May 13, 2024. until 23:59h ! Join us on this inspiring adventure of discovering the connection between ourselves and the world around us.
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