Jajce: Humanitarian action for socially vulnerable children

Two young girls from Jajce, Anamarija Rajić and her fellow citizen Sara Velaga, show that humanity continues to live in the hearts of good people even in these difficult times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

These two girls started a humanitarian action in their city, with the aim to encourage others to humanity in the month of giving, for their little fellow citizens who are deprived of the possibility of children’s joy due to social status.

This way, Anamarija and Sara, appeal to their fellow citizens, and invite all parents or acquaintances who have someone in their environment who is in need to contact the Facebook group “Humanitarian Action Male ruke/Little Hands“, but also personal profiles of Anamarija Rajić and Sara Velaga.

In this way, all those who can and want to donate gifts or something else such as school supplies, winter hats, winter equipment, food and hygiene products can contact them via Facebook.

We note that we do not accept money and that profit is not the point in this action, but the exchange of good, Anamarija and Sara said!