GSS Tuzla – Rescuers need transportation

The goal of the project

By activating non-governmental organizations, media, companies and citizens as active partners of GSS, to provide a suitable means of transport for rescue teams with the aim of a better response to all search and rescue situations.

Financial resources required

Required: 28,000.00 KM

Collected: 12,688.25 KM


The Mountain Rescue Service (GSS) Tuzla currently has highly trained staff and quality rescue equipment, but does not have a suitable means of transport. The current situation requires the use of private vehicles to transport rescuers, equipment and victims, which is not efficient and consumes much more resources. For the needs of transporting a team of 8 rescuers and the necessary equipment, it is necessary to use up to three smaller private vehicles, compared to one dedicated van. This situation negatively affects the ability of GSS Tuzla to react quickly and efficiently in case of unfortunate events, which can lead to an increase in the risk to human life and property.


The main reason for the existence of GSS Tuzla is the provision of assistance in inaccessible areas and the protection of all citizens of BiH. The purchase of the vehicle would solve the problem of the efficiency of the Station’s work, enable faster intervention and assistance to the victims, and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

You can donate any amount online, by paying through the cash desk of the Tuzla Community Foundation at Pozorišna 13 or through a bank.

Giro accounts:

Payments from BiH BAM account : 338 440 22525810 91 UniCredit Bank BiH, dd Sarajevo

Payments from abroad  Euro account:  IBAN: BA 39 194 – 104 11082012-81

SWIFT: MEBBBA 22, ProCredit Bank BiH dd Sarajevo

USD account:

IBAN: BA 39 194 – 104 11082033-18

Payments to the FTZ cash desk Directly at the Foundation’s premises at the address: Pozorišna 13, Tuzla.

Long-term impact/results

The long-term solution is to strengthen the capacity of GSS Tuzla through the acquisition of the necessary vehicle. In this way, the safety of all citizens who will potentially need the help of the Mountain Service will be improved. It will also facilitate the further education of members who are required to attend various courses and exercises throughout the country.

In addition, GSS Tuzla will strengthen its capacities through cooperation with citizens, media and potential donors in order to influence their awareness of the importance of the existence of this station, improving the quality of life of citizens and introducing philanthropy into its business philosophy. The goal is continuous support and funding in the future, which will enable the citizens to always have someone they can count on in the most difficult and sensitive situations, which will result in the long-term improvement of the security of the citizens of the Tuzla Canton.

The campaign is implemented with the support of the Tuzla Community Foundation as part of the USAID activity Local Strength – Our community is our responsibility.

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