The cooperative gathered 100 cooperatives for the production of gherkins

One hundred subcontractors from Novi Grad, Krupa na Una, Prijedor, Gradiška, Laktaš, Čelinac and Prnjavor will produce gherkin cucumbers on 60 dunums and everything is ready for planting, which should start on Wednesday, said the expert associate of the Agricultural Cooperative Agro VIP from Čelinac. Miloš Đurašinović, reports Nezavisne Novine, written by Srna agency.

Đurašinović said that the founders of the company are agronomists who were previously employed by the German company Carl Kine (Carl Kuehne), which had a cooperative production of gherkin cucumbers.

– After the company in Bosnia and Herzegovina was closed, the colleagues decided to establish a cooperative and to continue the continuity of production, explained Đurašinović for Srna.

He pointed out that the raw material was delivered to the subcontractors on time to prepare the plots for planting.

– The conditions remain the same. Purchase is guaranteed at a price of 2 KM per kilogram of first class, 0.80 KM for second and 0.20 KM for third class – stated Đurašinović.

According to him, it is planned to organize greenhouse vegetable production with subcontractors in the coming period.