Fund Kiseljak

The Kiseljak Fund is a dedicated fund for the improvement and development of the Tuzla local community Kiseljak, which is included in the Network of Active Communities. Through this Fund, we encourage cooperation and partnership within the local community of Kiseljak, where activists meet regularly to actively work on solving problems in their community. All projects that are proposed for support through this Fund must be aligned with the needs of the community, and included in the annual action plan of that community. It is very important to involve all three sectors in the entire process, as well as representatives of all citizens, especially those from vulnerable categories, such as the young, the elderly, Roma, people with disabilities and others. Projects that will be financed from this Fund should help build trust in the community, encourage regular communication and cooperation of the public, civil and business sectors, and advocate for positive changes at the level of settlements and local communities.

Public call


Who can apply?

  • members of the Local Group for the Development of Kiseljak, where one organization or group is the project holder;
  • independent organizations and associations that act and work to improve the living conditions of people in the Kiseljak Municipal Health, and which will implement the project exclusively in the Kiseljak Municipal Health;
  • informal groups of citizens of at least 3 adult members from the area of ​​the local community of Kiseljak (City of Tuzla).

Application deadline

The call for applications is open  from April 17 to May 17, 2024. 

Instructions on downloading the online application

Criteria and methods of project evaluation

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