For the twelfth time: Friendship Bicycle Caravan Mostar – Vukovar

On Sunday, April 28, the 12th Bicycle Caravan of Friendship Mostar-Vukovar will leave Mostar for Vukovar, and the organizers point out that everything is ready for the cyclists to leave for the City of Hero.

The Mostar-Vukovar Friendship Bicycle Caravan will begin on Sunday, April 28, 2024, when cyclists from Mostar will set off on a 500 km journey to the City of Vukovar. The return of the cyclists is planned for Thursday, May 2, after visiting Borovo Selo, where they will attend the commemoration for the 12 killed police officers.

As announced, the caravan of 27 cyclists will traditionally leave on April 28 from the Croatian Giants Square (Rondo) at 9:00 a.m. when they will be seen off by colleagues and friends, and an invitation to send them off has also been sent to the Mayor of the City of Mostar, Mario Kordić.

The friendship between the cities of Mostar and Vukovar will once again be linked by an unbreakable bond, and not only Mostar and Vukovar, but also all those places through which the caravan passes, as well as the towns that host the caravan, Kiseljak, Žepče, Orašje and Županja.

That everything is ready is also confirmed by the host cities, and among them the most important one, the City of Vukovar as the most important host in this entire organization, which has confirmed hosting and is ready to welcome its friends from Mostar this year.

Filip Sušac himself  , the deputy mayor of the City of Vukovar, expressed his satisfaction and pride that this year they are also partners in the Mostar-Vukovar friendship bicycle caravan project:

” The city of Vukovar is ready to once again welcome its friends from the city of Mostar, and we are proud that this year we can jointly participate in the organization of such a great event. We are in contact with the organizers and I believe that everything is agreed and we are ready to welcome our friends. We hope that good weather will follow them along the way, and we wish them a wind at their backs .

The municipalities of Kiseljak and Žepče together with their mayors  Mladen Mišuric Ramljak  and  Mata Zovko will welcome and host the cycling caravan this year, and after the cyclists cross into the Republic of Croatia they will be welcomed by the mayors of the cities of Županja and Vukovar,  Damir Juzbašić  and  Ivan Penava .

The bicycle caravan of friendship will last five days, and will consist of four stages with a total length of more than 500 kilometers. The caravan will move in the direction of Mostar – Kiseljak – Žepče – Orašje – Županja – Vukovar, and will drive on main and county roads.

The team that is actively working on the organization is already established, everyone knows their part of the job and there are only a few small things left to be completed before departure. This is the 12th time we travel to the City of Vukovar and create a link of peace and friendship, and we are proud that this event has reached such a high level. The cities of Vukovar, Županja and Mostar, as well as the municipalities of Kiseljak and Žepče actively participate in the organization every year, so there was no lack of support this year either. I would like to thank the mayors and chiefs for their active participation in the organization and the friendship we have shared for twelve years ,” said Toni Zorić, president of the HerzegovinaBike association.   

“It is only a few days away from the start, emotions are starting to accumulate and there is great excitement among all the participants of the bicycle caravan of friendship. We are ready to go on a 500 km journey this year, for the twelfth time, and I can say that we are happy that this year we can once again connect all the cities and municipalities through which our caravan of friendship passes”,  Zorić added.

This year, the caravan will bring together 27 participants from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and among them there are four women who are not the first to travel in this caravan of friendship.

The cycling caravan will be secured by a police escort, and the organizers would like to thank all the police officers who have been professionally performing their duties for 12 years and are concerned about the safety of all participants.

The organizers hereby thank all the sponsors and friends of the Mostar-Vukovar Bicycle Caravan, for their support and preservation of friendship between the cities and municipalities through which the caravan passes, namely:  Sports Association of the City of Mostar, Škoda Apolo Mostar, Euroherc Insurance, Restoran Konoba Goranci, Delta Security , Andrija cellars, Andritz Tep , and of course the cities of  Mostar, Županja, Vukovar  and the municipalities  of Kiseljak  and  Žepče .

The Mostar-Vukovar friendship bicycle caravan will leave Mostar on Sunday, April 28, at 9 a.m. in front of Mostar’s Kosača, and the organizers hereby invite all their friends to send off to the Hero City – Vukovar.