Traditional celebration of the “Sarajevo Canton Days” from May 2 to 9

Days of Sarajevo Canton, which are traditionally held from May 2 to 9, this year also bring a meaningful cultural and artistic program.

The audience will have the opportunity to follow pop-rock and jazz concerts, opera and theater performances, and film evenings, literary and theatrical events, exhibitions, as well as children’s programs and various promotions are also organized.

Part of the program proposed by the Bosnian Cultural Center and approved by the KS Government foresees additional free events at numerous locations throughout the Sarajevo Canton.

On the first day of the event, the “Planet Sarajevo” film evening will be held in the BKC Gallery, where the documentary film of the same name, filmed in the first days of the siege of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be shown. directed by Šahin Šišić.

As part of this part of the event, a concert by BH is also planned. opera singer Sandra Bagarić with guests, as well as a concert by Sarajevo musician Almas Smajlović.  

Rock concerts by the Anchi & Moon Dogs group will also be held at several locations in Sarajevo Canton, including the municipalities of Vogošću, Ilijaš, Ilidža and Hadžiće.

The program includes, among other things, the exhibition “Antifascist comics”, as well as the literary and stage event “Anchored, living, witnessing the epoch”, and the promotion of the book “Hamza Bakšić”.

The little ones will be able to enjoy the show “Where the world of magic is hidden”, which will be staged in the area of ​​the mentioned municipalities.

As part of this part of the Program, a musical-stage performance of the musical “London story”, which is dramaturgically conceived based on the motifs of the famous novel Oliver Twist, is planned for the youngest residents of the canton.

The program also includes the opening of a new exhibition of the “Walter defends Sarajevo” museum at a new location – the Bistrica Station building. The museum was originally set up in JP Film Center Sarajevo.

“The KS Government will provide timely information on the place and time of the planned events, including all other events that are foreseen in the KS Day Celebration Program, and after the Program is confirmed by the KS Assembly ,” the statement of the KS Government states.