Erna Selak is the only driving instructor in Goražde

Erna Selak from Goražda is the only driving instructor in her hometown after a long time, and she started working recently, after completing the necessary training and obtaining that title in Tuzla.

She points out that she has always had a desire to do this job and is happy that it has come true.

“It was always interesting to me, especially due to the fact that there are no women in Goražde engaged in this business. Since I couldn’t start this business myself because I didn’t have the opportunities, my colleague Vildan Hodžić, who founded a driving school five years ago, gave me the opportunity because he needed another employee and he was also the first to decide to hire a woman, which I am extremely grateful to him” . explains Selak.

 He emphasizes that in order to acquire the title of instructor, it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions.

“One of them is that you have a driver’s license for three years, without having committed offenses that carry penalty points. The training in Tuzla lasted three to four months and I successfully completed it. I had lectures, and then the practical and oral exams, i.e. driving and knowledge of traffic laws, and there are also psychology and pedagogy. It all makes sense because most young people apply for training in driving schools, so you need to be a pedagogue to a large extent ,” the young woman from Goražda points out.

After getting the license, Erna has already started working and, as she says, as expected, her first candidates are women.

“Reactions are extremely positive, both mine and the candidates themselves. The approach is somehow different and easier and we get along great. I am grateful to the driving school and my colleagues who trusted me to do this job and I will justify it with conscientious work and dedication” , she points out.    

Given the situation that driving instructors and even professional drivers are mostly men, Erna believes that in this way she breaks down those stereotypes as well.

“I think that we women can do a lot more, so why not be the first in some business. There are no claims that women are bad drivers. On the contrary, I think that women are even better drivers, that they are more careful because men behave in the way that “we were born for this, it is a man’s job”, but women with a dose of caution and investigation do it much more conscientiously”,  concludes the young woman from Goražda.