Enabled e-Consent for invoice delivery by e-mail

The Tax Administration of the Republika Srpska informs taxpayers – owners of real estate in the Republika Srpska that it has launched a new electronic service “e-Consent”, through which they can now also give consent for the delivery of real estate tax invoices via e-mail.

Access to this new electronic service, whose goal is to make it easier for real estate tax payers to fulfill their tax obligations, but also to reduce costs, is possible through the website of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska, where in the upper left corner of the home page there is a small window called “e-Consent”. The procedure is very simple and by clicking on “e-Consent”, and then entering data from one of their tax accounts, the taxpayer can activate this new service and download and fill out the electronic Consent form for the delivery of tax invoices by e-mail. After that, he receives an access code for verification to his email address, which he specified for the delivery of tax invoices, and starts using the “e-Consent” service.

In this regard, the Tax Administration of the RS hereby invites taxpayers-owners of immovable property in the Republic of Srpska to use the possibility of electronic consent for the delivery of tax invoices to the e-mail address and thus fulfill their obligations more simply and quickly.

This service of the Tax Administration is a continuation of activities on the simplification of procedures and digitization of processes in this institution, with the aim that taxpayers fulfill their tax obligations in an easier, faster, simpler and cheaper way, that is, that the Tax Administration of the RS is an even more efficient service for citizens. This possibility is especially useful for taxpayers-owners of real estate from the Republic of Srpska, who live or work abroad, and who, by giving the necessary consent, can receive their tax invoices by email, and settle their obligations in a timely manner and thus avoid possible sanctions.

Source: akta.ba