Unusual BH. brand: Unique lamps of industrial design, a real attraction of the Mostar fair

At the 25th International Business Fair in Mostar, which began on April 16, the company Lampe MS from Mostar presented itself. 

They are at the fair for the second time and bear the positive effects of it. 

The stand of this creative workshop is one of the most interesting at the fair. 

Namely, each MS lamp is created as a unique design and at the same time handcrafted. 

Jozo Soldo, the creative person who “stands” behind this brand, made each lamp with a lot of passion and love. 


In addition to lamps, they also make console tables and use the highest quality materials. 

By the way, the company is part of the family business Dizajn MS from Mostar. 

You simply cannot fail to notice the industrial, modern and unusual design of MS lamps. 


Industrial design is very popular in Europe and the world, but it seems that Soldo is one of the pioneers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

When asked where he got the inspiration for the use of pipes that we normally see as “conductors” for water or gas, he says that his lamps are the result of inspirations he collected through his travels. 

“If I had only stayed here, I would not have seen anything. I got inspiration when I got to know similar designs that are used in the world”,  says Jozo Soldo, creator and creative implementer of the exhibited lamps. 

He says that he not only designed them, but also makes them himself, and that the rest of the family is in charge of promotion. 


Regarding the prices, he says that there are lamps for everyone’s pocket. 

“The prices are from 0 to a million KM ,” he says with a smile to Akta.ba.  

On the first day of the fair, they already attracted attention and, according to Solda, sold several copies of these interesting and unusual lamps.

What he emphasized is that he does not have a target market, but that those who recognize uniqueness, those who like to own a unique product, lovers of rarities do not look at the price and that such people themselves offer him more than he (estimates) the value of their product.

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The fair is open until Saturday, April 20, therefore, if you are near Mostar, we suggest that these lamps and this unusual BH. you can see and meet the brand live.


Source: akta.ba