Do you want to become a Data Scientist? The Bitology Online platform has the perfect opportunity for you

The interactive ONLINE course “Python for Data Science” takes you from beginner to expert, where through practical knowledge, exercises and tasks, you gain valued and well-paid skills in today’s most popular and sought-after programming language.

Data Science introduces revolutionary changes and improvements in every segment of today’s everyday life, from modern company operations to the lifestyle of a digital citizen. If you want to master the most popular and sought-after programming language today, you are in the right place.

Why should you learn Python?

Because it is very easy to learn and very fun to use. It uses elegant syntax, which makes the programs you write easier to read.

Python is a very powerful and flexible open source programming language that can be used for web and software development, data science, system automation, machine learning, robotics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, game creation, and more. How good a programming language Python is is shown by the fact that it is used by some of the largest companies and organizations in the world – Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, Amazon, NASA, CERN, Spotify, Mozilla, Dropbox and the New York Stock Exchange are just a few of them.

What will you learn?

  • You will learn the basic concepts of the Python programming language such as variables, operators, data types and data structures.
  • You will learn how to properly use program flow control and looping. You will become competent in writing your own functions and using predefined functions and methods.
  • You will become competent in the use of major libraries for the analysis and manipulation of large data sets.
  • You will learn how to load data from different sources, such as csv, excel and json, using the Pandas library.
  • You will learn how to do manipulation, preprocessing and aggregation on large data sets.
  • You will become competent in the process of visualizing the results, using the Matplotlib library.
  • Finally, you will learn the process of creating a predictive model, with the aim of creating your own Machine Learning models.

From beginner to expert, sounds interesting?

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