Din Biševac, a Bosnian with an address in Germany, on the Forbes “30 under 30” list

Forbes magazine published a new list of young successful people 30 under 30 for Europe, which this time included one from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Din Biševac.

The entire region of the former Yugoslavia can boast of two people on this year’s list.

They are Teja Potočnik from Slovenia, while the other is Din Biševac from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For 2024, Serbia had its representative on the North American list of Forbes 30 under 30, where Ivana Mansi-Vasić found herself, in the health care category.

Both representatives of the Balkans on this year’s European list were born in this region, but build their careers abroad.

Teja Potočnik was among the 30 selected in the Production and Industry category.

She received professional training at the British University of Cambridge and her expertise is nanomation – the automation of the production of semiconductors based on nanomaterials, which enables their use at industrial levels.

As her description states, nanomaterials have served as the basis for many technological breakthroughs in the last decade, but finding nanomaterials on samples and building circuits around them requires a lot of manual labor and time.

Teja Potočnik automated this process during her doctoral dissertation at Cambridge, developing a patented system that is much cheaper and faster than conventional semiconductor nanofabrication.

She completed her undergraduate studies in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Manchester, and is currently working on device fabrication using nanowires, graphene and TMD materials.

During her PhD, Teja co-founded the startup company Nanomation.

Born in BiH, lives in Germany

Din Biševac  was selected in the Technology category. He was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but lives in Germany.

As his description states, he originally became part of the German rental portal Buena as a product designer in 2019.

In just over two years, he took over the role of CEO from co-founder and led the rebranding and turnaround of the Berlin-based company from renting out its own properties to developing software that helps owners find tenants, arrange tours and sign contracts.

Buena now manages more than 11,000 apartments and has raised $13.7 million from investors like EQT and Capnamic Ventures.

There is another name on the list that sounds like it is from the Balkans.

We are talking about Daniel Kaidanović, but from his biography it can be guessed that he was born in Italy.

Forbes selects the best 30 young people under 30 in 10 categories. – Media and marketing, retail and e-commerce, science and health, social influence, entertainment, art and culture, technology, sports and games, finance, manufacturing and industry, writes Forbes Serbia.